The Best Burger Press For Perfectly Uniform and Evenly Cooked Burger Patties

Only a burger connoisseur would understand why you need a burger press so I probably don't need to remind you the reason to buy one but just in case you're still a Burger "King" in the making (excuse the ban pun!) then here's why you need one...

As the name suggests, a burger press allows you to add your meat before pressing it to create the burger shape for your homemade burgers.

They are particularly versatile and can often be used to create other food items such as fish cakes and sausage patties etc.

Ever wondered how McDonalds, BK and Five Guys always seem to have perfectly shaped and symmetrical burger patties? It's because they use a Burger Press.

Using a burger press is going to allow you to experiment with a blend of different herbs, spices, and flavor combinations to create some tasty, homemade burgers. However...

Finding the right burger press can be trickier than you imagine given how simple these items are because you need to consider the size, the material construction, and the number of patties that can be pressed at once.

My research shows is that these are the top 3 choices of burger presses on the market...

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Weston Hamburger, Crabcake and Sausage Press, Makes 4 1/2' In Diameter Patties, 1/4lb to 3/4lb, Basic Model

Boasting several unique features, the Weston Burger Press is a worthy contender.

As such, this product enables you to press a tasty combination of seasonings and ground meat to create some perfectly shaped burgers.

It is also available in different styles allowing you to select the best option for your needs. 

As for construction, this press is made from heavy-duty cast aluminum; a material that is recognized for its strength.

For this reason, it is also very durable so you can be sure that it is going to see you through many uses before deteriorating in quality. 

This burger press is also easy to clean.

 It has been designed with non-stick surfaces which ensures that the meat refrains from sticking to the surface during the process of cooking.

Aside from this, the surfaces also ensure that the burgers are easy to remove from the press without the quality being affected in any way.

Impressively, this burger press is equipped with multiple adjustable settings that allow you to cater the functionality to suit the types of burgers that you want to create.

Not only can you adjust the thickness up to 1 ½ inches but you can also adjust the weight from ¼ pound to ¾ pound which is great in allowing you to customize your burgers. 


  • Made from heavy-duty cast aluminum, this burger press boasts a durable construction.

  • This burger press is easy to use.

  • The adjustable settings make it easier to customize your burgers. 

  • This press consistently creates perfectly shaped burgers. 

  • It is easy to clean after use.


  • Some customers have reported that the food is prone to clogging up the top section of the presser. 


Cuisinart CSBP-100 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Press, Black

Cuisinart is a well-known brand that is recognized for producing high-quality cookware and this burger press is no exception.

As a 3-in-1 burger press, it can create three different types of burgers which include stuffed burgers, sliders, and regular burgers.

Because of this, you are provided with greater versatility in the burgers that you can create. 

By following three simple steps your burger patties can be made within minutes.

First, you must load the base plate with meat, then if you would like you can add some stuffings for a more varied taste before adding more meat and pressing it together.

Once you have done so, you will have perfectly shaped patties that are ready for cooking. 

This press is constructed from plastic and has a non-stick surface that makes it much easier to clean after use as the meat is unlikely to cling to the press.

Aside from this, the press is also suitable for dishwashing which saves you from having to do the chore of cleaning yourself.

We particularly like the versatility of this press, not only can it be used to create tasty beef burger patties.

It can also be used to create chicken burgers or vegetarian alternatives such as black bean burgers. 


  • Typically a great value for money option. 

  • As a 3-in-1 burgers press it can be used to create three different styles of burgers.

  • It is safe for the dishwasher which makes it easier to clean.

  • It is easy to use which is great for those who are unfamiliar with using a burger press. 

  • Thanks to the sturdy construction, it is likely to see you through many uses.


  • Some may find this press to be a little too small for their needs. 


Meykers Burger Press 100 Patty Papers Set | Non-Stick Hamburger Press Patty Maker Mold with Free Wax Patty Paper Sheets | Meat Beef Cheese Veggie Burger Maker for Grill Griddle BBQ Barbecue | BPA Free

The Meykers Burger Press provides a convenient way of making your burgers with ease and elegance.

The rounded shape incorporates grooves into the design to create burgers to a professional standard.

Using this press you can make an exciting variety of burgers including lamb burgers and vegetarian burgers. 

In regards to construction, this press has been made from food-grade aluminum alloy. This material boasts excellent tolerance when exposed to higher temperatures.

It is also a high-quality material that is corrosion resistant for longevity.

We particularly like how the base can be heated and used as a roast plate if necessary.

The handle has also been made from plastic which is resistant to scratching and comfortable to hold. 

When it comes to using this press, the handle makes it easier to maintain a secure grip to apply the necessary pressure.

This handle can also be detached making it much easier to store in between uses. 

As for cleaning, this press features a non-stick surface which prevents the meat from clinging during cooking and possibly tearing.

This surface also makes the press much easier to clean after use.

A great thing about this press is that it comes equipped with 100 parchment papers which add greater use to the process.

These papers can be used to line the plates to ensure that the burgers remain intact and refrain from tearing and breaking.


  • This press is covered by a 100% satisfaction and money back warranty should you experience any issues.

  • Thanks to the minimal design it is easy to install. 

  • You are provided with free parchment papers which help to maintain the quality of the burgers. 

  • The non-stick surface makes this burger press easier to clean after use. 

  • Retailing at an affordable price, it is a worthy option for those on a budget.


  • After washing, the coating is prone to flaking off and so the quality could be improved. 


Weber Original Burger Press, Black

Another option from a well-known brand within this industry is the Weber Original Burger Press.

As a brand, Weber is known for producing high-quality cookware products.

This presser has been specifically designed to make ¼ pound and ½ pound patties. 

Made from plastic, this press boasts a robust construction that is likely to see you through many uses.

Aside from this it also features a nylon grip handle which allows you to maintain a secure grip with ease.

As such, the combination of materials creates a high quality, durable burger press. 

Thanks to the handle you can make perfectly flat burgers with ease.

The handle can also be detached in between uses which makes it easier to clean while also making it easier to store, ideal for those who have limited space available in their kitchens.

Because of how the presser is designed it creates a dimple in the patties so they are going to be made to a great standard. 

Just like our previous picks, this press is super versatile and can be used to create a range of different burgers.

The concept of the design means that it is relatively easy to use which is ideal for those who lack previous experience of using such a product.

This press is also dishwasher safe which makes it much easier to clean after use. 


  • A great option for those who are on a budget. 

  • The handle is detachable for easy cleaning and storage.

  • This press is dishwasher safe which saves you the task of cleaning after use.
  • It is easy to use for greater convenience. 

  • It creates decent-sized burgers that cook through thoroughly.


  • Unfortunately, the meat is prone to sticking to the surface which can affect the quality of the burgers and also provide inconvenience when it comes to cleaning the product. 


Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press and Recipe eBook - Extended Warranty - Hamburger Patty Maker for Grilling - BBQ Grill Accessories

The Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press is the perfect choice for grilling enthusiasts. Deemed to be a professional standard burger press you can be sure that it is going to make perfectly shaped, tasty burgers.

As a versatile press, it can be used to make patties and stuffed burgers that can be cooked on an indoor or outdoor grill. 

Regarding construction, this burger press has been made from BPA free non-stick plastic.

Courtesy of this high-quality material construction, this press is likely to see you through many uses while withstanding potential damage.

The non-stick surfaces also prevent the meat from becoming stuck during the cooking process and help to maintain the quality by ensuring that the patties don’t tear. 

Impressively, this press can be used to create burgers up to ½ pound. By adopting a three step process you can create some great tasting burgers within minutes.

Simply line the base with meat before pressing it.

Then you can stuff your burgers with your chosen fillings and following this you can add a top layer of meat to seal the burgers. 

When it comes to cleaning, this press is suitable for the dishwasher which eliminates you having to clean the press yourself.

The lift plate is also removable which makes it easier to access the more intricate areas to ensure that the press is thoroughly cleaned. 


  • This is a professional standard press that produces high-quality burger patties.
  • It is praised for creating consistent perfectly shaped patties. 

  • This press is dishwasher safe which makes it much easier to clean after use.
  • The heavy-duty construction is responsible for enhanced durability to ensure that this press sees you through many uses.

  • Affordably priced, it is an ideal choice for individuals on a budget.


  • Despite being advertised as a press with a non-stick surface, some customers have reported that the meat is prone to sticking which can affect the quality.

Best Burger Press Buying Guide

When contemplating the purchase of a burger press there are several factors that we would advise you to consider.

With many different options available on the market, it is important to abide by the following criteria to ensure that your purchase caters to your needs. 

The Type of Press

First, it is necessary to consider the type of press that you require. While there are singular options available, the emergence of the 3 in 1 model has also proved to be popular.

As such a 3 in 1 burger press allows you to create 3 different types of burgers such as stuffed patties and sliders.

In many instances, the bottom plate doubles up as a hot plate which makes it very versatile.

It is important to consider your needs to ensure that your chosen type of press is suitable.

The Material Construction

The material construction is going to be an indicator of the quality. The most popularly used material variations tend to be plastic or metal.

While metal is the most sturdy and robust, a plastic press can also be a reliable option. 

It is likely to depend on your personal preference regarding a particular type of material as you may find a particular type to boast more longevity than another. 

Non-stick Surface

Ideally, your burger press should be made with a non-stick surface which will prevent the meat from becoming stuck and tearing.

If your burger press does not have a non-stick surface it is likely to affect the quality of the burgers as they are likely to deteriorate when pressed between two surfaces that lack a non-stick coating. 

Cleaning the Press

Your burger press should be easy to clean after use. Many presses are dishwasher safe which saves you from having to do the chore of cleaning yourself.

Those that aren't suitable for the dishwasher will need to be washed by hand instead.

It is important to ensure that your press is cleaned thoroughly after each use as raw meat can present different risks which can result in potential illness. 

The Size of the Press

The size of the press refers to the depth and diameter. While some can be used to create smaller, thinner burgers others can be used to create thicker burgers.

Most tend to be around 4 inches in diameter and many boast adjustable settings that allow you to alter the thickness of the burgers depending on your preference. 

The Number of Patties

While some presses can press single burgers others offer the capacity to press multiple patties. It is important to consider the environment in which the press is going to be used.

If the burger press is being sought after for commercial purposes, it is beneficial to opt for one that can press multiple patties at once as this is going to save a lot of time.

If the press is intended for home use, you may find one that presses single patties is sufficient for your needs. 

Ease of Use

A burger press should be easy to use otherwise it is going to add more complexities to the process rather than ensuring that it is hassle-free.

Features such as a removable base and soft-grip handles can make it easier to remove the meat while ensuring that it is comfortable for you to use too. 

The Brand

Many brands are well known within the cookware industry and so it can be difficult to narrow the selection down to a singular option with there being a range of offerings from different brands available.

Those that are produced by well known brands are often sought after by customers who are seeking a high-quality product from a brand that is recognized for producing burger presses to this standard.

For this reason, you may wish to make your purchase with one of these brands. However, many less known brands produce excellent quality presses that are worthy of your purchase too. 

The Warranty

Many brands provide a warranty with their burger presses which essentially covers you should you experience any issues with the quality or functionality of the product that you receive.

The length of the warranty is likely to differ between the brands however, it is recommended that you opt for a burger press that has a longer warranty as this provides assurance that the manufacturer has confidence in the quality of their product. 

The Price

Burger presses tend to be a pretty affordable purchase and it's not something you're likely to blow your budget on unless you're a serious burger aficionado where only the best will do.

We have included a variety in our guide above to provide you with a clear understanding of the different options that are available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are burger presses worth it?

Several factors are going to influence whether a burger press is worth it.

Of course, it is going to depend upon the regularity in which you are likely to use the press. It is important to ensure that the press is used correctly otherwise it can affect the quality of the burgers

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