3 Best Woods for Charcuterie Boards

When assembling prepared meat products for my family, a charcuterie board made from quality and appealing wood is convenient.

The charcuterie board should be durable and resistant to wear and tear forces to ensure clean food is served.

The following woods are excellent for charcuterie board use…

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1.Acacia Wood

What the Product is Used For

  • Making wooden bowls and cups
  • Production of furniture
  • Kitchen Shelves decoration

Key Specifications

  • the wood has a compressive strength of 713 kilograms per centimetre square
  • the wood exhibits a brown colour, but it acquires a red tone as it gets old
  • Modulus of elasticity: 172,400 kilograms per centimetre square
  • Its texture ranges from medium to coarse
  • The static flexural strength of the wood is 1,284 kg/cm 2

Key Features

  • the shape of the wood is straight or curvy
  • easy to saw and glue
  • The durability is excellent as it is not affected by environmental factors


  • The wood is easy to maintain and clean
  • Requires little effort to paint and polish
  • It has an appealing natural colour
  • Resistant to fungi and bugs


  • It consumes a lot of time as the wood requires slow and special drying
  • very expensive
  • the wood is prone to warping and cracking

Why I have included this Product in the List

The wood has a very long life hence makes long-lasting furniture and finishes.

  1. Teak Wood

What the Product is Used For

  • Constructing kitchen shelves
  • Making wooden water bottles
  • Curving wooden spoons and bowls

Key Features

  • It has a straight grain shape but mostly curly
  • The wood has a high amount of silica
  • When dry, the wood has a pleasing smell similar to that of leather


  • The wood is resilient to rot, fungi and termites
  • the cost of purchasing the wood is pocket friendly
  • requires low maintenance and effort when cleaning
  • it has a naturally beautiful appearance


  • Very difficult to apply glue because its oil forms a barrier that prevents penetration into the surface
  • The wood gritty nature damages the cutting tools

Why I have included this Product in the List

The wood is solid as it cannot be affected by rain or sunshine.

  1. Oak Wood

What the Product is Used For

  • Making Furniture
  • Fixing joineries and floors
  • Curving structures and bowls

Key Specifications of the Product

  • appealing natural light colour with a projecting grain
  • Impervious to fungal infestation
  • Durable and heavy


  • It has a long life as it is durable and not affected by weather factors such as rain
  • an attractive natural colour that is appealing to the eye
  • unaffected by wear and tear forces
  • very resistant to water enabling it not to rot easily


  • The wood contains high tannin contents, which affects paint finishes
  • Heavy type of wood hence splitting it into pieces is tiresome
  • Maintenance cost of oak wood finishes is high because it reacts with the adhesives used

Why I have included this Product in the List

Oakwood is resistant to rot hence makes quality finishes. Likewise, this type of wood is readily available related to other hardwoods.

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So, What’s The Best Charcuterie Board Wood?

My three approvals for the best woods for Charcuterie boards are…

  1. Acacia Wood
  2. Teak Wood
  3. Oak Wood

However, I highly support acacia wood because of its durability and availability compared to the other hardwoods.

I have used it and although it takes time to grow, you will find it available and ready for use around.

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