3 Of The Most Delicious Gingerbread Apple Pie Recipes On The Internet

If there's one dessert I love the most it's Gingerbread Apple Pie, in fact I can practically smell it now, what about you?

Go on, imagine it's baking in your house right now...

The scent of sweet cooked apples, cinnamon, ginger and pastry wafting through the house whilst it bakes in the oven.

Then when it's ready you serve it warm with vanilla ice cream and the contrast between the hot pie and the cold ice cream and the sweet apple and the spices is just heavenly.

I bet you can even taste it now, can't you?

So to honour this delightful dessert I picked 3 of the best Gingerbread Apple Pie recipes from the net that I think are worthy of re-creating and here they are...

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3 Best Gingerbread Apple Pie Recipes

Picking any of these recipes means you're onto a winner and will end up with a delicious dessert for your whole family to enjoy...

Jacquelyn Clark's Gingerbread Apple Pie...

Jacquelyn loves this pie because Gingerbread is "one of her all time favourites" and mentions that when pairing it with apples you'll begin to wonder why "you haven't been combining these two your whole life" and recommends eating this at the festive period as it's a "holiday crowd pleaser" and I would 100% agree!

You can also see from the photo about that she's layered the lattice with snowflakes, using cookie cutters, to give it that festive feel.


  • Serves 8.
  • Suitable for festive period.
  • 492 Calories.
  • Assembly & cook time: 45-55 minutes.

See the full recipe here.

Amy Bronee @ FamilyFeedBag's Gingerbread Apple Pie

Amy is a "canning" enthusiast and in her own words, if she can make a jam from it or pickle it she probably will! She's also a best selling global author on the subject of canning.

But onto her gingerbread apple pie...

This particular pie was inspired by an afternoon of pie baking at her local community centre and the festive season, and I'm personally glad she found that inspiration and shared it with us!

Look how traditional yet beautiful it looks, it's a dessert that is a treat for the eyes. 


  • Ground ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves for her spices.
  • Baking time: 45 minutes.
  • Perfect for the festive period.

See the full recipe here.

Jamie's @ DishingOutHealth Slow Cooked Gingerbread Apple Pie

Jamie is a registered dietitian, former magazine editor, food journalist and recipe creator and she's taken a slow cooked approach with her gingerbread apple pie recipe which as a slow cooker connoisseur I love!

The best thing about it in my mind though is it's low maintenance and only takes 15 minutes to prepare then you drop it into the slow cooker (how hot do they get?) for just 3hrs and it's ready so unlike traditional baked versions of this recipe there's minimum fuss and no need to constantly keep an eye on it.

Plus much less washing up as no baking trays or oven dishes are required. 

It's also very high in fibre containing whole grain oats, flaxseeds, coconut oil, apples, nuts, molasses which gives it an added health benefit on top of the delish factor. 

Jamie actually suggests this as a potential breakfast food which may seem strange at first but when you consider the amount of fibre contained within this dish (she estimates 5 grams of fibre per serving!) then she may be on to something.

I absolutely love the presentation of it especially seeing as it's been cooked in the slow cooker which usually results in less that aesthetically pleasing dishes in my experience. 

I'd honestly never have considered cooking a pie in the slow cooker before either as I typically only cook meat dishes like stews and casseroles in mines.

But this is proof you can bake delicious pies and desserts in there too!


  • Preparation only takes 15 minutes which is super efficient for this type of dish.
  • 5 grams of fibre per serving giving you a lot of nutrition.
  • 8 servings.
  • Only 267 calories. 

See the full recipe here. 

Are These The 3 Most Delicious Gingerbread Apple Pie Recipes On The Net?

I certainly think they are contenders and give a nice mix of different recipes and cooking styles to try this dish out with.

From slow cooked and eating for breakfast to oven baked as a traditional festive dessert they cover the full range.

Try one, or all, of these Gingerbread Apple Pie recipes out for yourself and tell us which one you loved the most (if you can possibly choose!).

And remember that even though these seem like festive desserts that delicious desserts such as these can be enjoyed at ANY time in life and not just at Christmas!

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Pie

Do you cook the apples before putting them into apple pie?

No need to cook them in advance, you'll add them into the crust with sugar just before you bake the pie and they cook with the pie.

How do you make apple pie filling not runny?

You can pre-cook the filling, use less juice, spread the filling out evenly and cook thoroughly so it's cooked right through.

How do you stop the bottom of an apple pie from getting soggy?

A thicker crust can solve this problem or brushing the bottom of the pie before putting into the oven.

How long do you bake an apple pie for?

Depending on your oven, the temperature used, and the thickness of pie you'll need at least 60 minutes but probably 70-80 minutes.