How To Microwave Soup Without It Exploding

Microwaving is one of the most common ways of reheating foods.

It is popular because it is quick and easy to apply.

Despite its popularity and numerous advantages, microwaving has some downsides.

One of the primary downsides of microwaving is that it does not have the same effect on all kinds of foods.

For instance, a lot of people have reported explosions when they microwave soup.

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Why does soup explode in the microwave?

Unlike ovens and stoves differ significantly from other heat-inducing appliances like ovens and stovetops. These appliances warm food from the outside in.

However, microwaves warm everything at the same time.

Microwaves use electromagnetic waves that cause water molecules to gyrate back and forth. When this happens, friction is generated.

Therefore, when heat penetrates soups or foods with high water content, the movement can get overwhelming, causing things to go awry.

The water content in the food turns into steam which may get trapped and form bubbles within the food.

After some time, the bubble ends up bursting, resulting in the famous microwave soup explosion.

Additionally, the explosion can also be caused by superheating within the microwave.

When the soup is superheated, a build-up of steam vapour is formed under pressure.

The steam vapour is then trapped below the surface tension. Therefore, when the soup reaches its boiling point, it results in a dangerous explosion.

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How to microwave soup without it exploding

The probability of an explosion does not mean that you have to avoid warming soup in your microwave altogether.

Below is a step by step guide on how you can microwave your soup safely;

Step 1: uncover the soup

More often than not, when storing foods, you keep them in an airtight container.

You may be tempted to leave the cover on when reheating your soup. However, this can be very dangerous.

Therefore, the first thing you should do before putting your soup in the microwave is to uncover it.

The lid causes uneven heating and build-up of steam within the dish, hence causing an explosion.

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Step 2: Transfer the soup into a microwave-safe container

In addition to removing the lid, you must also transfer the soup into a microwave-safe container before placing it in the microwave.

It is worth noting that not all freezer-safe containers are also microwave-safe. Microwave-safe containers are designed to withstand heat levels and prevent explosions.

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Step 3: put a non-metallic object in the soup

The next step is to place an object like a wooden spoon or chopstick in the middle of the soup. Doing this helps break the tension on the surface.

It also ensures subtle heating. Ensure that the object is non-metallic and a poor conductor of heat.

Step 4: ensure the container is placed in the centre of the microwave

Proper placement of your dish is essential as it allows microwaves to reach your soup easily. It also helps ensure faster heating.

Step 4: heat it in intervals

It would also help if you heated your soup in at least 1-minute intervals.

This will not only prevent an explosion but will also ensure an even distribution of heat.

Ensure that you stir the soup in between the intervals for even heat distribution. Stirring also allows steam and bubbles to escape.

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That’s How To Microwave Soup Without Explosions

Following the steps mentioned above will ensure that your soup doesn’t explode in the microwave.

It will also ensure that it heats evenly and adequately.

This will save you from the hassle of cleaning up messes and the dangers involved.

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