How To Sweeten Greek Yogurt (10 Surprising Ways)

Greek yogurt is, in our opinion, one of life’s simplest pleasures because it is so versatile as it can be used in cooking (adding it to a curry is one of our favorite uses), in a dip, as a breakfast food, or my favourite... a dessert!

And if you're looking to sweeten it then it's probably because you plan to eat it as a dessert too. Good news...

There are many ways you can sweeten Greek yogurt, making it into a delicious dessert or a sweet breakfast.

Here's 10 ways to sweeten Greek yogurt...

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1. Adding honey 

One of the most popular ways to sweeten greek yogurt is by adding some delicious honey. You can simply swirl some into the top of it and then mix it in if you wish.

Honey is naturally very sweet and is full of rich antioxidants as well as being an anti-inflammatory. Not to mention it tastes divine!

We love swirling in some honey and then adding some chopped nuts and bananas for a delicious breakfast or a decadent afternoon snack. 

2. Adding berries 

For some natural sweetness, you could try adding in your favorite berries. They can be fresh berries, frozen berries, or even berries that you have cooked a little to form a compote.

Experiment with different flavor combinations. A classic favorite is raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries together.

However, you could also try blackberries, boysenberries, cranberries, and anything else you like. This step can also be combined with other steps on the list. Honey, for example, works well with berries. 

How To Sweeten Greek Yogurt

3. Maple syrup 

A gift from the trees! Maple syrup is always a popular choice whenever it comes to making something sweeter.

Maple syrup in your greek yogurt is an excellent choice if you are someone who has a particularly sweet tooth. 

You could try swirling some into the top and then sprinkling on some crushed graham crackers or any other cookie you like.

This is perhaps more of a dessert recipe than a breakfast one, but if you want to eat it at any time of the day, go ahead! 

4. Nut butter 

Nut butter is naturally sweet and can add great depth to your greek yogurt. You can add a spoon or two of peanut butter, cashew butter, or almond butter into your greek yogurt.

Eat it like this if you wish, or add in some banana and honey for a taste sensation.

All of these flavors are natural and non-artificial, making them a great choice for the health conscious people among us.

It also provides antioxidants thanks to the honey and plenty of protein, potassium, and good fats.

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5. Granola

Hearty granola packed with lots of fiber, nuts, dried fruits, and even chocolate chips is an excellent addition to greek yogurt.

You could try sprinkling just a little on top if you want, or for a more filling breakfast, you can fill your bowl with granola and then dollop your yogurt on top.

Sweeten Greek Yogurt with granola

The sweetness of the granola pairs beautifully with the creamy yogurt.

Granola is a healthy way to start the day, especially if you make it yourself or buy a natural one that is free from excess sugar and artificial sweeteners. 

6. Sugar or sweetener

If you don’t want anything to overpower the deliciously creamy slightly sour taste of your greek yogurt then you may just prefer a plain method of sweetening such as sugar or sweetener.

Demerara sugar is an excellent choice for this, adding a little crunch to your snack. You could also try any natural sweetener you like.

Stevia powder or monk fruit sweeteners work well as they can dissolve easily into the yogurt.

Natural sweeteners are preferable for most people, but if you prefer the artificial kind then that is fine too.

Whatever your preference is, just choose that, simply stir them in, and enjoy. You can then use your sweetened yogurt as a base for other toppings if you wish, such as fruit, granola, nut butter, and berries. 

7. Sweetened protein powder 

If you are someone who enjoys a flavored protein drink then you could try out something new and make a protein dessert.

Simply grab a scoop of your favorite flavor (we like chocolate) and add it to the yogurt.

It will take a lot of mixing to ensure there are no clumps of powder left in there, but the end result is so tasty that it is totally worth it. 

You may even wish to blend it in an electric blender to ensure all of the lumps are dissolved. This is fine too. After blending it just empty it into a bowl, add in any other toppings you’d like, and enjoy. 

8. Vanilla or almond extract 

Another popular method for sweetening greek yogurt is to add a drop or two of natural vanilla or almond extract into the bowl.

This provides a natural flavor without the need for any artificially flavored syrups.

Since almond and vanilla are naturally sweet flavors anyway, you will likely not even need sweetener or sugar in with it. Remember, you will only need a drop or two because this stuff is strong! 

9. Add in a sweet spice 

A sweet spice such as cinnamon or nutmeg can be added to the top of your greek yogurt for some natural sweetness.

Simply sprinkle a small amount on top. You can eat it just like that if you wish, or you can add in some sugar, natural sweetener, or honey to taste, depending on your preferences. 

10. Applesauce

A classic favorite, applesauce is undoubtedly sweet. Whether it comes right from the jar, or whether you have stewed the apples yourself, both are just as tasty.

Add in a dollop or two into your greek yogurt for a comforting, and sweet dessert.

You may also want to add in a sprinkle of granola or crushed graham crackers with some cinnamon on top to make your own apple crisp or cobbler flavored yogurt. 

Final word 

There you have it, our list that is packed full of our favorite methods for sweetening greek yogurt.

As delicious as it is on its own, you have to admit that these delicious additions can make your greek yogurt go from good to fantastic!

Enjoy experimenting with these methods….now excuse us while we pop over to the refrigerator…. 

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