Which Knife Set Is Best For Culinary School Students?

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As a chef, the kitchen is part of you. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen as it relaxes the mind of stressful daily activities.

The kitchen is made of different parts and tools, knives being one of the most important tools.

To have the best experience in the kitchen, you need to have a perfect knife set.

For culinary students, selecting the best knife set can be a tricky situation considering the high availability of different knife sets in the market.

I am here to help you get the best culinary knife set!

Cheap knives set will hinder your school performance; hence you should not let cost be the reason for your failure.

I have assembled a list of the best knife set for culinary students that can help reduce hours of doing research.

The list below contain all basis of culinary knives from starter to premium sets…


This is a starter set suitable for starting students or the ones looking forward to spending less for a decent and perfect chef knife set (see also the best Chinese chef knives here). It is the best and inexpensive chef knife set that has useful knives.

Are you looking for a long-lasting knife set?

VICTORINOX 7PC FIBROX PRO is the best fit. This chef knife set has 5 knives of different sizes.


This is a premium set of knives.

There are well designed and forged with full-tang, high-quality materials and have a lifetime warranty.

The Wusthof brand has been in the market for over 200 years now and the production of amazing and best knives worldwide.

9PC WUSTHOF GRAND PRIX II KNIFE SET has 4 knives and extras.

On top of knives, you get tools like a peeler, kitchen shears, and Cordura knife roll.

• Mercer culinary forged 7pc renaissance knife set

This is among the best sets for most culinary school students.

Chefs understand that there is nothing compared to forged knives. This type of chef knife set is worth extra cash.

The characteristic of the Mercer culinary forged 7pc renaissance knife set that makes it best across the world include triple-riveted, lifetime warranty, and full-tang and uses the best German steel blade.

There are 5 knives in this knife set. This the best student knife that can do wonders in the classroom and will last for years.

• Shun DMS0499 4-Piece Classic Student Knife Set

This the favorite student knife set of all time. Shun DMS0499 4-Piece Classic Student Knife Set is a high-end set of knives for culinary students, but they are cool.

This is the perfect knife set for students planning to cook more Japanese food since it involve lotsslicing and cutting of meats, fish, and veggies.

This set comes with only three knives and a shun knife roll.

For proper maintenance, they need to be hand washed and their sharp and thin blade sharpened regularly.

Advantages of high-quality culinary school knife set

There are several reasons for investing in your knife set if you are admitted to a culinary school…

  • A good set of knives will improve your chopping speed.
  • A high-quality knife set has better handles that give you more control when using it.
  • A good set of culinary knives are designed with versatility.

Therefore, having a quality set of knives will give you everything you need to start and continue with your studies.

My Recommendation On The Best Knife Sets For Culinary Students Is…

The number of tools that chefs need to carry out their kitchen duties is many, but the most important one is the knife set.

It is important to have the best knife set that you can afford, but it doesn’t mean you go for expensive ones.

I can say that paying extra cash for a forged set of knives is the better definition of the best knife set.

However, if you can’t afford forged knives, you can go for a stamped knife set above.

Each knife set has a nice roll for safety. Knife roll is an important piece of any chef set of knives for culinary students.